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AM Pines

Writer | Educator | Podcaster | Skeptic

I keep a general blog regarding my writing, an education blog, and for stress relief, I help co-host a comedy podcast about juvenile and young adult fiction called Super Serials. I have completed graduate work in Education, with a concentration in social studies and sciences education. I’ve worked in public and private schools for the past ten years, both teaching and mentoring.

I am interested in the skeptic community and hold great respect for the skepchick community, Rebecca Watson, Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Phil Plait, and too many more to list. While reality TV is fun, I think a lot of pseudoscience has been lent legitimacy by appearing on television. The purpose of this blog is to share where I see connections to the pseudoscience, quackery, and woo in the shows.

Questions, comments, or inquiries can be sent to letterstopines@gmail.com. Thank you!