#killallcancer revisited

These past couples week on the Real Housewives of Orange County, we have seen the beginning developments of the #killallcancer organization (scheme?) There are some interesting developments to this charity-in-development we should update.

First, it looks like the main site is back up:

Vicki’s video appears to be back, as do all the menu options at the top.

If you click on the “charity” button, you’re taken to a page that ends in “/donate”. That struck me, as you may notice, there is a donate button at the end of the menu.

On the charity page, you have the option to request up to 2 of rubber bracelets. This page should detail more about their actual charity. But the truth is, they aren’t even a registered charity yet, by their own admission.


Submission of paperwork does NOT equal approval. 501 c3 status is important because it means it has undergone a vetting process. Technically, they can accept money, but you can’t write it off as a charitable donations and it is difficult to track and hold the organization accountable. Additionally, the money has to technically be “gifts” and not “donations”. You can also face problems depending on your state if you represent yourself as a charity and you are not.

Moving along, the policy tab is up, with an interesting reference to one of the recent episodes:

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 12.57.04 PM.png

Remember, it took until the backlash on twitter and other social media outlets for them to realize how gauche getting insurance leads from a cancer ‘charity’ site really is.

And finally, we click the ‘donate’ tab and it takes us to….


a Go Fund Me Page.

A. Go. Fund. Me. Page.

So first of all, you’ll notice that the funds raised go directly to City of Hope. Don’t donate to GFM who takes a portion of the money intended for charity. If you would like to donate, donate directly to City of Hope on their site.

Essentially, they are encouraging donations to City of Hope, through them. It would be way more effective to throw a fundraising event for City of Hope. The median income is $169, 176 in Coto de Caza, compared to $66,739 in Manhattan, $51,939 in America as a whole (or where I live and like a lot of cities across America, it is even less at around  $32,000.) Clearly, Vicki is from a wealthy area with wealthy connections. One fundraising event in Orange County would probably raise more money to directly benefit cancer than a charity with rubber bracelets and a GoFundMe page ever could.

The only donations were almost a week ago and if the comments are any indication, it isn’t going to get any better.

The moral of story continues to be PR 101: don’t get involved with a cancer charity if you have been privy to cancer controversy.




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