The Chronicles of Yolandia, an Investigation of CLD – Part V: Won’t Somebody Think of the Children?

It’s time for another round of The Chronicles of Yolandia, where I look at Chronic Lyme Disease and delve deeper into the claims made by Yolanda. Thanks to this past episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the spotlight seemed to shine on the issue of Anwar and Bella’s alleged Chronic Lyme Disease.

For the curious or new readers, please read from the beginning:

Pt I. || Pt. II || Pt. III || Pt. IV

Yesterday (1/26/16), Mohamed Hadid (father of Yolanda’s three children and ex-husband) posted this on instagram:

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 7.09.17 PM

Clearly, Mohamed is not happy with the talk about his children and what does or does not believe regarding his ex-wife’s or their children’s illnesses. I don’t blame him, he isn’t on the show (except for a couple appearances) and isn’t out there making claims for or against Chronic Lyme Disease in general.

I have pointed out before the inconsistencies about the disease claims Yolanda is making, however, today bought out an extra side eye.

Yolanda’s instagram photo from today, seems to take a different approach from Mohamed:

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 7.24.50 PM.png

In the caption, you will notice it says 2015 at the beginning, so I guess this is supposed to be a throwback Tuesday? It is even MORE suspicious because this week, Bella and Gigi are actually walking in Paris Fashion Week right now , in some beautiful couture, too.

An email I received from Sarah M. noted a few questions:

  1. Who is taking this photo?
  2. Why is this photo being taken?
  3. Where is this photo being taken?

Instagram certainly has group photos and photos of people who clearly had someone take it for them. I can understand how many viewers and followers ask themselves, why is this something you ask someone to take a picture of?  We think of being ill as a private affair, but it isn’t even Bella sharing her journey, it is Yolanda. I also wonder where this photo is being taken at.  As Josh T. wrote to me, “I certainly don’t remember any plush linens in any hospital or doctor’s office I’ve ever been in or being allowed to have people snuggle while I’m getting an IV.” Me either, Josh, maybe we’re going to the wrong medical facilities?

Bella’s Timeline

On the BravoRealHousewives subreddit, the user Pris257 got to sleuthing before I could and laid out some of Bella’s timeline:


  • 2013 – Bella was riding competitively most of the year Source


  • 4/2014 – Bella posts to instagram a picture from a horse show Source
  • 6/2014 – Bella sells her horse right after she graduated high school. Instagram comments say it is because she is moving to New York for school. Source Source
  • 7/2014 – Bella gets her DUI. She claimed in the 11/2015 article that it happened just after she got sick. Source linked below.
  • 8/2014 – Bella signs with IMG Source
  • 10/2014 – Bella makes her debut at fashion week.


  • Summer ’15 – Yolo begins filming and tells everyone the kids have lyme
  • 8-9/15 – Bella does a photo shoot for Porter Magazine and claims to be training for the Olympics Source
  • 10/2/2015 – Porter Magazine comes out, with pics of Bella riding Source
  • 10/8/15 – At a benefit for lyme, where she received an award, Yolo says the kids were diagnosed in early ’12 Source
  • 11/26/15 – Bella says she was diagnosed in her junior year (which would have been ’12-’13). More bs about her not being able to ride and giving up her Olympic dreamsSource


  • 1/26/16 – Yolo claims in her bravo blog that they were diagnosed in late 2013 Source
(Note: I added in dates to make it more blog friendly, but the writing all belongs to user Pris257, who did a great job piecing it together!)

The biggest inconsistency is when did Bella actually gets Lyme Disease, if she ever did, that is a burning question still for all of them. The date seems to change: 2014, early 2012, 2012/2013, and late 2013.

It seems the diagnosis is whenever it is convenient.

I don’t remember every cough, every cold, every sore threat, but I do remember what ages I got chicken pox because I had a particularly difficult case which involved losing some of my eyesight and I unfortunately had it twice (yes, you can get it more than once, majority of people develop antibodies, I was part of the unlucky group.) I also remember the year I sprained my wrist particularly bad. I also remember a few years ago when I had a particularly bad bout of stomach flu. Most of us remember the fairly poor times of our health, especially recent ones and especially if it is something as threatening as LD. That is also why I find their timeline flaws so suspicious.

Why would they muddy the timeline?

We cannot know the exact reason. But I am most curious as to why they are trying to tie a DUI with Lyme Disease.

Viewers saw Bella’s DUI fallout happen. At the time, Yolanda says Bella made a stupid mistake, there was never an utterance of Lyme or her kids having Lyme Disease, let alone CLD. In fact, we saw her kids on the show every once in awhile and never was LD/CLD was never mentioned.

Bella  blew a .14, which is double the legal limit and certainly not “one glass of wine”. She also “reportedly flew past a stop sign, almost colliding with an L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. patrol car.” Having an illness does not make you completely incapable to drive and if it does because of medication or control issues (like narcolepsy or some types of epilepsy), one should be responsible and not be on the road.

My working theory is that it might look bad on major fashion houses or brands, like Covergirl, to endorse a model who had a very public DUI (though her family’s wealth and exposure could probably buy her a career.) Saying she struggled with a disease makes the reckless incident look a lot less like her fault and therefore, she can claim to be more professional. It can also lead to avenues like being a spokesmodel and be less competitive with Gigi, who has numerous contracts with beauty products and is considered the more widely successful model.

Unlike their mother, Bella and Anwar don’t have social media feeds full of Chronic Lyme Disease talk. A few mentions here and there, but nothing like Yolanda’s. In fact, it seems Yolanda is much more talkative about their health than they are. I find that especially interesting as Bella is an adult now.

Wouldn’t she need to quit riding if she got this disease?

Bella’s initial reason for ending riding seemed quite reasonable: going to college on the other side of the country. It makes complete sense.

If she was truly that ill, there is no way she could compete in such a bodily intensive sport through high school.

So now Lyme seems to be reason she sold her horse, according to recent interviews even though her social media feed says otherwise.) Or were there were better riders perhaps? Maybe she just grew out of it? There are less than 30 spots for Olympians on the Equestrian team, truly there are 10 or less depending on your specialty. Equestrian sports are VERY competitive.  I have no doubts that she was probably a pretty great rider, but being pretty great or spectacular isn’t enough to make an Olympics team for any sport.

I wonder if in their minds, disease is an excuse if you don’t win. Even in talking about her explant surgery, Yolanda mentions she is the worst case out of all 9,000+ surgeries, etc. etc. From watching the show, we also know about her proclivity with perfections.

What about Anwar?

In previous entries, I mentioned Anwar, so I will spare details, but if the posts from recent social media feeds are any indication, it looks like Yolanda is turning Anwar into model child #3.

*cue Serial music*

On the next time of Chronicles of Yolandia. I will delve deeper into the “Lyme Literate” organizations, their mission, their history, and how this all relates to Yolanda’s very  public display of pseudoscience.

But in all seriousness, that post is taking a bit longer to construct and this was done sooner, so here you go. 🙂 Thanks again for reading!






  1. Great work. Did you notice Yolanda claim, on plane after explant surgery, that she no longer coughs all the time? Any chance you would look into the implied link between her leaky implant and her coughing? Thank you.


  2. You will notice that Anwar is no longer being mentioned.

    I presume that because he is a minor, Mohamed insisted that his health not be discussed on social media or on RHoBH anymore.

    Her Munchausen’s has developed into Munchausen’s by Proxy.

    Bella may have clung to a diagnosis in order to excuse her DUI, but Anwar, under his father’s care, will simply not mention it BECAUSE HE DOES NOT HAVE IT.

    Unless I have missed something, I’d be happy to be proven wrong.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That is true- I have seen less and less mentions about him having CLD. I also imagine that the children rely on their parents for money, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they go along with it, even if they are over 18.


  3. While the linens weren’t so nice, while i received IV chemo my sister laid in the bed with me and watched TV – it’s not unusual.

    That picture creeps me the heck out for many reasons but laying in bed with her is not one.

    LOVE this blog!!


  4. Yesterday in an answer to a tweet, it seems that Yolanda had her thyroid removed 7 years ago. What has happened to this woman’s body & how she has survived it all is truly a medical miracle……………………..

    There was a video up on Bella’s instagram, showing her in an intense workout. Yet in an interview, she said that she is in excrutiating back pain. No way is a person in that kind of pain doing a workout like this.

    I wish Andy Cohen would put her in the hot seat in a one on one interview. But that will never happen. She is always treated with kid gloves.


  5. Great detective work! Bella’s DUI really did a number on Yo. Yo wrote Bella a letter and you can read part of it online if you Google Yolanda’s letter to Bella. They are definitely using Lyme as Bella’s excuse for the DUI and her excuse for not being in the Olympics, which is very sad. In a talking head interview on HoBH, when Yo says that Anwar was diagnosed after Bella, her eyes dart down and to the side, which is an indication of lying. I think Anwar is collateral damage because saying just Bella had it would be too conspicuous.


  6. So I hate to admit it but I was up late one night and I happened to catch a mini marathon of Bad Girls Club (embarrassing I know). But it made me realize something very important and that was that Bravo and all their “are they or are they not sick” stuff is crap and just for ratings. On the first episode of the season of BGC one of the girls told everyone in the house she had stage 3 cervical cancer. All the girls cried and felt sorry for her and carried on. On the second episode the producers came to this girl and told her that they had no knowledge of her condition and since her health is a priority in order for her to stay in the house she had to see a doctor. Well she did and guess what? She was lying! Not only that but the producers sat her down and told her that not only does she not have cancer but that they pulled her medical records and there is no proof in any of it of her ever being told she had cancer. This just made me think how easy it could be for the producers of the Hw shows to do the same with Yolanda and Brooks. But instead they build whole seasons (ad nauseam) around do they or don’t they when we all know they don’t! It’s really irritating because as many have said it’s not only fraudulent it’s dangerous with all their misinformation and “miracle” treatments. It just makes me mad.


  7. Let’s get into Anwar’s activities, too. From what I have heard he goes to a very expensive private school and plays soccer and football, both varsity. That means he is pretty good but would probably be murdered by a regular urban school. However, both are contact sports. Soccer involves running at high speeds for miles during a game if you are a starter. You don’t just make these teams in high school unless you have been playing since the pee-wee leagues and you are a very good athlete. Now, Anwar has to take a physical to play sports. This is extremely important because if he passed in a physical that said he had Lyme’s disease or chronic Lyme’s disease, do you think for one min. the board of directors who are 90% lawyers are going to clear him to play knowing that Mohamed COULD sue the school for millions if he were injured? No way in hell.


    • Exactly what I was thinking. If it was a cold, sure kids might play through. But you have to submit a physical to play for insurance reasons. For example, students with mono are normally barred from participating for months because of an inflamed spleen that could burst with physical contact. You’re right.


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