RHOBH Preview: Does Mohamed Hadid

On tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, supposedly, we are going to see more about Mohamed’s view of Chronic Lyme Disease in his two children  with Yolanda Foster. A number of you have suggested to look more at Yo’s relationship with her and David and Mohamed. Tonight’s show will certainly be interesting and maybe offer more insight to Yolanda’s previous quote of close family and friends not believing her.

Also, some of you may have seen the recent celebrity Masterchef episode featuring Gigi Hadid, one of Yolanda’s daughters. For an upcoming post, I will be exploring more about Lyme Alliance and the related Chronic Lyme Disease organizations that contribute to pseudoscience and misunderstanding actual Lyme Disease treatments with the very questionable Chronic Lyme Disease.



One comment

  1. Did you happen to see the Instagram posts Mohamed posted about Lisa Vanderpump saying that he believed Anwar & Bella didn’t have Lyme Disease? And the rumors that their long friendship has been fractured because of it?

    It brings up the question, at least to me, of whether of not Mohamed is in on the whole scheme of allowing Yolanda to manipulate Bella & Anwar to believe that they have Lyme Disease


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