Calling All Colonics

Colonics are a tried  past time of the Real Housewives franchises.

  • Who could forget Shannon Beador’s recent at home colonic disaster?
  • The current season of Real Housewives of Atlanta had Phaedra and Porsha getting colonics together.
  • Beverly Hills mentioned Yolanda’s WEEKLY colonics on a recent episode.


Colonics are not on the menu for most of us, but it seems as if their presence is ever-growing on the Real Housewives.

What IS a colonic?

Colonics harken back to before modern medicine where expelling body fluids was thought to rid the body of disease. (Blood letting is another common example of this.) Essentially, the aim of a colon cleanse is to get rid of poop, or as the practitioners say, the ‘toxins’.

On the Real Housewives, they are generally getting “colonic hydrotherapy” or “colonic irrigation”, but really, a it is a fancier enema.

Basically, a speculum is inserted into the anus, connected to a hose. Water is pushed into the colon, causing the muscles to contract and release the contents of the colon out through the hose. Getting one can be quite uncomfortable, especially in your abdomen.

Are they safe?

Colonics aren’t regulated and often combined with other pseudoscience treatments. Doctors and nurses with scientific backgrounds and medical degrees are not usually administering colonics, rather it is a “colonic hygienist”(not a real study you can actually go to school for) or  a generic alternative medicine practitioner.

Unless one has a condition where their bowels don’t work (and that is a very limited numbers of conditions) then enemas aren’t at all useful. One of the risks is bacterial infection from re-used or improperly sterilized equipment is possible and additional risks include bowel perforation, dehydration, and electrolyte imbalance. Electrolyte imbalances can cause issues with your kidneys and liver. Bowel perforation can cause death and has been the culprit of some cases of individuals dying from attempting to cleanse their colon.

Are there any benefits?

No. Unless your problem is having hundreds of dollars you don’t know what to do with.

With no benefits and numerous drawbacks, colonics should be avoided. Despite all the warnings and advice against the practice, it will likely show up again on another reality show.



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